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The Rival is an entirely new take on campus media. You and your team get complete operational, editorial, and creative control; we provide everything else.

On top of this unparalleled agency, The Rival connects you with hundreds of talented Staff Writers, Editors, Strategists, and Directors nationwide. It allows you and your team to reach thousands at your school and hundreds of thousands nationwide.

It’s a chance to build something that makes your friends and peers think critically, laugh, act, and believe once again that student media is truly for – and by – the students.

The Rival is looking for intelligent and driven individuals that are very well-connected with their community to start The Rival at their school. They have a vision for how they want to change the dialogue amongst the student body and care deeply about improving campus media.

How it works

1) Fill out the “Learn More” form!

2) We’ll get in touch via email or set up a phone call to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about The Rival.

3) If it’s a good fit, congrats! And welcome to Rival Nation.

4) Onboarding will begin. Yes, it's as exciting as it sounds.

5) And finally, change the game.


"I've always craved doing the next big thing, and The Rival has been that next. I've been on cloud nine since launch day."

Taylor Branson

Fordham University

“The Rival is community first, content second -- our content comes from the community we build, as a community seeking to educate.”

Joe Palekas

American University











Learn more about starting The Rival at your school.