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Podcasts that'll teach you more about Baltimore

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Podcasts that'll teach you more about Baltimore

Murder and more


Looking for a way to learn about our great city of Baltimore while procrastinating? Listen to a podcast!

Podcasts have been all the rage recently. They are great to listen to while doing homework, stuck in a boring office job, on road trips or while laying by the pool. Here are my top picks for Baltimore focused podcasts that'll help you uncover more about this awesome city.

Bodymore, Murderland

I am not gonna talk about Serial because anyone who has listened to podcasts has heard of it. But if you haven't, give it a listen because it rocks and because it’s about an interesting murder and because you can just binge all of the season in one day. However, one thing to come out of Serial is the podcast Undisclosed, which started as a followup to Serial by three lawyers. It features wrongful and controversial convictions, including Freddie Gray.

There are also many true crime podcasts that have episodes devoted to Baltimore murders such as My Favourite Murder (which actually had a live show at Rams Head, episode 80) or Unsolved Podcast (which has one about the murder of Sister Cathy).

If fictional crime is more your thing, there is also an array of podcasts that talk about the hit show The Wire.

Baltimore, Maryland

Out of the Blocks is an ongoing podcast and the premise is people going to different blocks of the city and talking about what the blocks are like and what they have to offer. The podcasts are mostly under about 45 minutes. This is a cool way to learn about all the diversity in Baltimore and about neighborhoods to explore.

Hey Baltimore is also still running and each episode is an interview with a Baltimorean who has made some impact, such as a Johns Hopkins neurologist or the owner of The Charmery. But if you are more into the everyday person in Baltimore, listen to Local Color or The Stoop Storytelling Series because normal, every day people are what make this city so great and interesting.

If sports are more your thing, sorry but I hate Baltimore sports and I was not about to subject myself to that. You can definitely find them with a quick Google search, if you must.

Give some of these a listen to learn more about the city. That is, if the murder ones don't freak you out and make you never want to leave the house.